The LSE SU Music Society is a vibrant society which provides a broad range of musical activities and opportunities.

Catering for a range of tastes from rock to baroque, the Music Society arranges jazz evenings, classical concerts and open-mic nights, takes part in student musicals and films at the LSE, as well as collaborating with many other societies on campus.

The core groups are the LSE Choir and LSE Orchestra, but there are countless other smaller ensembles including the renowned ‘Houghtones’ A capella group, Chamber Choir, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Asian Music Group and many more.

As a member you will gain information on how to join the LSE Choir and Orchestra, and rights to book the music practice room. Through our chamber group networking system, you will have opportunities to meet other musicians in the LSE community and make music together.

This networking system is how some of our best and most active bands, chamber groups, and vocal harmony groups have been born. Whether you are interested in performing, listening or anything else musical, the Music Society is your gateway to the music scene at the LSE.